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I will always love you, I will always miss you. You and only you will be forever in my heart. You and only you will forever fill my mind with those stupid, endless, cheesy love thoughts. No one else could ever compare to you. No one else could ever take your place. Don’t forget the good and don’t regret the bad. And always remember those four words i whispered in your ear while I was holding you tight, keeping you warm in the quiet, winter night - forever yours, forever mine.

This blog was made only for you. Until my heart beats are filled once again with your love, this will be my last post to see the light. 

To my one and only #DM

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Kids playing with a water hose during coast guard demonstration.
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In loving memory :’(

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aghowardwrites I better find Wonderland in there.

This kinda looks like a vagina … just saying
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